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Custom Binders: 4-color digital processing let’s you save on short run orders!

Academy now offers digital printing for orders of less than 200 binders. With digital printing you can eliminate costly set-up charges and costly press fees and save hundreds of dollars on your order.

These prints can be used in our vinyl binders, with a clear overlay, or a turned edge laminated binder. Both the vinyl and turned edge binders can be customized by size, additional foil stamping, screen printing and interior pockets and ring sizes.

4-color digital processing is a great value for your customers, prospects, employees, students, members, or partners –and exceptional format for your next presentation, proposal, production, promotion, project, event, company kick-off or gift.


Custom Binder Type: Sales Catalog Binder
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Construction Style: Round back euro turned edge 2 inch straight D die cut and metal ring inserted
Materials/Coatings: Film laminate inside and out
Decorating/Finishing: 4-color printing
Other comments: Scored binder
Custom Binder Type: Sales Proposal Binder
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Construction Style: Turned edge
Materials/Coatings: Laminated C1S
Decorating/Finishing: 4-color process short run digital
Other comments: