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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are several frequently asked questions that we get from prospective clients—and answers. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Q: How is Academy different from other binder and packaging manufacturers?

A: Academy is known for handling custom jobs, exclusively – often those that other manufacturers don’t handle because they don’t have the equipment or expertise—or are not willing to do very small as well as very large jobs.

Q: Do you work only via partners like printers, print brokers, ad firms, etc?

A: A large portion of Academy’s work is derived from our ongoing relationships with printers, print brokers, other binder & packaging manufacturers, and advertising & marketing firms. We also work with businesses directly but are very careful to maintain our relationships with existing partners so that they can maintain their respective client relationships.

Q: Does Academy carry stock items?

A: We are a true custom shop and do not carry stock items. But many cover materials that we use are available the next day, and we pride ourselves in our turnaround time.

Q: Does Academy have standard price list?

A: We don’t have a standard list per se because there are just too many variables in most of our jobs. But typically, we can get you an estimate over the phone or within hours of your submitted Request a Quote Online form.

Q: How can you afford to offer such low prices for low quantity, 4-color orders of your binders?

A: Academy now offers digital printing for orders of less than 200 binders. With digital printing you can eliminate costly set-up charges and costly press fees and save hundreds of dollars on your order. These prints can be used in our vinyl binders, with a clear overlay, or a turned edge laminated binder. Both the vinyl and turned edge binders can be customized by size, additional foil stamping, screen printing and interior pockets and ring sizes. 4-color digital processing is a great value for your customers, prospects, employees, students, members, or partners ľand exceptional format for your next presentation, proposal, production, promotion, project, event, company kick-off or gift.

Q: What is your average lead lime on the items that you manufacture?

A: Usually, Academy can complete most jobs within ten working days.

Q: Can Academy produce a binder to fit any size printed insert for vinyl binder?

A: Yes. We have many sizes of heat seal dies or we can have a new die made for a very reasonable cost.

Q: What materials are available for binders and packages that Academy makes?

A: Over 95% of our binders and packages are vinyl, cloth, imitation leather, or coated paper.

Q: Can Academy order custom colors of vinyl?

Back to top of pageA: Yes as a mill run, but there are many colors available—we can send you a swatch.

Q: What yardage is required for a mill run vinyl?

A: 2,500 to 3,500 yards.

Q: Can Academy create custom art artwork?

A: Yes, we can take your artwork, or we can create black & white/ color camera ready or digital files in Quark Illustrator or Photoshop.

Q: Can Academy match artwork from a binder or package we had made several years ago?

A: With few exceptions, yes.

Q: Can we proof our jobs online?

A: Yes, we use PDF’s created with Quark Illustrator.

Q: How do we measure ring size?

A: You measure a Round Ring by measuring inside diameter of center of ring left to right; D-Ring you measure the straight part of the D-Ring.

Q: Is a 5-inch ring available?

Back to top of pageA: No. Some retail stores say the have 5-inch ring binders advertised on the packaging, but actually, they are 4-inch ring size. The spine measure is 5 inches.

Q: How does Academy determine what size to make a binder?

A: By the size of the sheet you are putting in the binder. Standard sizes are 11 x 8 ½ + 1/2, 9 ½ x 6+1/2, 8 1/2x5 ½+1/2, and the number of sheets and weight of paper stock. See our chart for different weight papers to determine capacity.

Q: What is a Euro-Scored Binder?

A: A “Euro Binder” is a turned edge (or casemade) binder that is made from a one-piece board after its covered and lined. It is scored on a machine with multi-scores to give a round back look, or just two scores to give a square look. This type of binder is very durable and is one of Academy’s specialties. Take a look at several of our Euro Binder examples.

Q: Is there any price difference between silk screening and foil stamping?

A: The only substantive difference for is the cost of the die, which is determined by the number of square inches for foil stamping.

Q: Can vinyl be 4-color process printed?

A: Yes. With a special printing press that Academy operates, it can be done, but the cost per item can be high until you have total order of 2,500+.

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