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Custom Binder and Packaging Glossary

Clear Entrapment Vinyl Binders & Boxes

Clear Entrapment Binders and Packages have a clear vinyl overlay that is placed on the outside of the vinyl binder over your selected printed sheets. The clear vinyl “entraps” and seals in the printed sheets so they cannot shift placement and cannot be removed. Then you have the option of using any type of 4-color process or other printed sheet under the clear cover—depending upon the type binder or package you need.

Clear Overlay Binders

Clear Overlay Binders are versatile ring binders with a unique advantage: clear vinyl pockets (e.g. front cover, back cover, and spine) can be sealed on the outside panel(s) of your vinyl binder (or box) to allow for the insertion of a printed sheet(s). Then you can slide inserts in and out making the binder usable for several different projects.

Easel Binders - Platform

Platform Easel Binders are a type of presentation easel binder that is particularly suited for desktop sales presentations. You can open up the back panel to create the easel stand and fold the front cover over toward the back, and voila—a binder that is also a standing easel to impress everyone at your next presentation. See easel binder examples

Easel Binders – Split Back

Split Back Easel Binders are another style of presentation binder that makes reading easy as the binder stands on a desk, table, computer workstation, etc. These binders are constructed so the bottom half of the cover bends backward from the metal ring, thus providing a convenient display of the binder contents at a comfortable reading angle for the user. See Academy easel binder examples

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A Euro Binder is a unique type of turned edge (or casemade) binder that is made from a one-piece board after its covered and lined. It is scored on a machine with multi-scores to give a round back look, or just two scores to give a square look. This type of binder is very durable and is one of Academy’s specialties. Take a look at several of our Euro Binder examples

Memo Binders

Memo Binders are produced for smaller sheet sizes and typically have 6-rings. They are often used for club membership, employee, and other varieties of handy directories. As with other binders, memo binders can be customized by silk-screening or foil-stamping your custom artwork, and pockets, business card holders, and notepad clips, etc can also be added.

Poly Ring Binders

Poly (made of Polyethylene of Polypropylene) Ring Binders are economical, lightweight, and extremely durable. These binders are ideal for reference or training guides, price lists, etc that get a lot of daily use.

Turned Edge (or Casemade) Binders and Boxes

This high-class construction style of custom binders and boxes dates back several centuries from the early days of bookbinding that featured hand crafted books with glued smooth edges. Today, the turned edge style is affordable because of automation—coupled with old world craftsmanship. Each individual turned edge binder is made with care; the outside edges are turned by hand over stiff or flexible board. And you can choose from a wide selection of durable, attractive cover materials that won¹t crack or split. There is no more impressive way to use 4-color graphics or gold stamping on a binder or box than using turned edge construction. Academy specializes in turned edge binders and boxes for clients that are looking for a luxuriant look and high-end image—at an affordable price.

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This is the highest end binder construction type you can purchase. Expanded cloth supported vinyl is turned over board and sewn. Then, a panel is used on the inside as a liner that covers the raw edge of the cover material.

Vinyl & Poly Post Binders

Post binders are specifically designed to hold large quantities of material. They are available in 3" or 4" fixed or expandable capacity. These binders can be used to hold numerous catalogs or price sheets.